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Sunflower is one the most popular and well known of the Microgreens, and larger in size. They can be added to any salad mix, burgers, or solo as a snack. Kids will love them! They offer a pleasant nutty, slightly sweet flavor. 

Buy the live box and experience farm to table freshness or don't want the hassle of daily watering order our clamshells freshly harvested right off the soil! 


  • Harvested: Clamshell 2.5 oz, 5 oz, and 10 oz, 5x5 Live Box 
  • Variety: Black Oil
  • Flavor: Nutty
  • Color: Bold green leaves, yellowish white stems
  • Nutrition: Protein, calcium and iron, 8 essential amino acids, Vitamin C, K, D, and Vitamin B complex, folic acid, and various trace minerals