What is a Microgreen?

A Microgreen is the miniature version of it's matured vegetable greens. When vegetables are grown, they enter various stages of their growth, starting with sprouts 2-5 days old, to Microgreen 7-14 days old, which is the in between stage of sprouts and baby greens 3-4 weeks old. Microgreens are known to be 40 percent more nutrient dense than their fully-grown counterparts. 

What are the benefits of eating Microgreens?

Microgreens are considered to be one of the ultimate super foods because they have 40% more nutrients than mature plants. According to Professor Qin Wang at University of Maryland, Microgreens are 4-40-fold more concentrated with nutrients. After testing over 25 different commercially grown Microgreens Professor Qin Wang found consistent high levels of Vitamin C, E, K, Lutein, and Beta-Carotene. Essential micro-nutrients that are essential for skin, eyes, and fighting cancer, according to Dr. Gene Lester, a USDA researcher.
  • They are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients which helps balance out nutrient deficiencies. Essential for our internal functions to work properly!
  • High in fiber which makes us feel full and pushes unwanted waste through our digestive track. Fiber feeds our gut bacteria creating a healthy and balanced micro-biome that reduces inflammation. Fiber is very much like the “Drano” of our intestinal tract.
  • They have a robust flavor, and best eaten in the first 7-10 days of being harvested.
  • Best used in smoothies, salads, juicing, soups, sandwiches, burgers, tacos, stir-fry, omelet, eggs, pizza, and plate garnishment. Pretty much any recipe, the fun in Microgreens is you get to be creative!


We have a variety of ways your greens can be purchased as 1.5-10 oz. clamshells. We also sell by pre-order 5x5 live boxes. Prices vary based on the green chosen, but on average can range from $5-$10 dollars. See “Shop Microgreens” for more detailed pricing. Delivery fee is $5, with a minimum order of 2 boxes, clamshell, or 10 ounces. For wholesale pricing go to “Contact Us” and message us for pricing, we would be happy to meet you or bring you samples!

How do my greens arrive?

Your greens can be delivered straight to you, for a $5 fee! On delivery day we harvest and pack your greens with love and send them directly to your door.

Where do you deliver?

Orders are available for delivery every Tuesday and Friday in Santa Monica and the surrounding areas. 

Are you organic?

We grow our greens indoors and follow organic practices, and use all organic ingredients to produce our Microgreens. 
  • We use no pesticides EVER
  • The seeds we use are certified organic through various vendors such as True Leaf, Azure, Johnny’s Seeds, Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds and High Mows Gardening.
  • The medium we use is in OMRI listed organic soil, G&B Raised Bed Soil.
  • And our nutrients are 100% Certified Organic from Blue Planet Nutrients.
  • We use filtered water to PH’d 6.2 to grow our greens.

Do you offer one-time or recurring deliveries?

Yes! You can choose whichever level of delivery you like. You can choose a one-time purchase, or set up a recurring schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Orders can be adjusted easily based on your need. Just click our "Subscriptions" tab to sign up! 

Do you accommodate vacation holds?

For subscribers, sure we do, just let us know 11 days in advance, and we can cancel or reschedule your delivery.

Do you deliver year-round?

Yup! Since our greens can be grown year-round, your orders can be too.

Do I need to be home for delivery?

It’s not necessary for you to be home, but if you are not going to be home leave out a cooler and we’ll deliver your fresh greens to your door.

Are my Microgreens ready to eat upon arrival?

Absolutely! Since you are receiving live 5x5 boxes or harvested greens within 24 hours, you are receiving the benefits of superior quality. 

How do I store and care for my Microgreens?

Your Microgreens should easily last you 10 days and should be kept in the fridge. If you purchased a live box, just place them in your windowsill with a small amount of water on a plate or dish just to keep the soil moist, and you can cut as you eat. The live boxes can also be store in the fridge, just make sure they are placed on a small plate of water, keep soil moist. Generally, cut Microgreens like to be kept cold and dry.

Do you offer gift certificates?

We sure do! They can be purchased in increments of $25, $50, and $100. 

Who do I talk to with more questions or special requests?

Just fill out our contact us sheet, and we’d be happy to help you. 

How do I harvest my 5x5 tray?

What’s great about Microgreens is that it’s just like any vegetable, they can be harvested with a nice sharp knife. All you have to do is hold the top gently, and swipe across the base of the plant and cut what you need or cut it all!

How do I clean my greens?

Microgreens are best kept dry and cold to maintain freshness. When you plan to use your greens, gently wash them in cold water, and dry them gently with a paper towel, or salad spinner. Now they’re ready to be eaten!

Ways to use my Microgreens?

Every Microgreen has their own unique flavor and can be used in their own way. However, overall Microgreens can be used in:
  • Salads
  • Smoothies
  • Green Juices
  • Garnishment
  • On top of eggs (cooked anyway)
  • Soups
  • Sandwiches
  • Pesto Sauce, Salsas, and other sauces you can think of!
  • Sushi
  • You name it, you can use it, get creative!