Becoming a Certified Food Producer. </br> Microgreens farmed with organic ingredients.

Little Plants Farm is a woman owned Filipina/Native American Urban Farm in the heart of Santa Monica. We specialize in farming Microgreens to help you stay healthy! 

As a personal trainer and nutrition enthusiast, I am committed to farming the freshest, most flavorful, long lasting greens. Bringing you farm to table freshness! If you don't know what Microgreens are, it's very simple, the definition is in the words. Essentially they are micro sized vegetables that are harvest before they bloom their "true leaf." Research reveals that these tiny plants contain more beneficial nutrients than their full-grown counterparts, 40% more nutrient dense.


The pandemic of 2020 brought me the awareness of things that normally I would have taken for granted. As a resident of Santa Monica I recognized there was a need for food independence and access to high quality food. Especially during the height of the pandemic seeing empty shelves in stores, it really got me worried to the point of wanting to produce my own food. So I decided to start an Urban Farm to provide my community a source of nutritious food, such as Microgreens.  

During 2020, Little Plants Farm became a Certified Food Producer by the State of California, while perfecting the art of growing Microgreens. It has been said by my customers that our greens taste fresh, last long, and have incredible vibrant flavor, a direct reflection of the care and love I put into growing my greens!

I believe in food independence and local food production as a way to minimize our carbon footprint. All greens are grown indoors with certified organic seeds, organic soil, and organic nutrients.

Orders are available for delivery every Tuesday and Friday in Santa Monica and the surrounding area. We can be found at the Santa Monica Farmers Market @Virginia Park from 8am-1pm every Saturday, and Beverly Hills from 8am-1pm every Sunday at the Civic Center. 

In the meantime, feel free to check out our products page for the Microgreen variety we are currently growing. Thanks for taking the time to visit our site and follow us IG @littleplantsfarm!

We look forward in serving you!